Because every pilot and their family has a unique set of needs that require a specific standard of care, we developed WealthCare, our signature level of services.

Through WealthCare, we will help you and your family develop and implement a comprehensive financial plan, which can include everything from cash-flow and debt optimization, retirement income funding, targeted investment strategies, insurance and tax planning, charitable giving strategies, and estate planning. Once a financial plan is implemented, we will meet at least semi-annually to review the plan and investments and provide Guidance to help you stay on track. In addition, we are available whenever you need us throughout the year to provide you with Advice that is tailored to your situation. WealthCare is available at three distinct levels.


WealthCare 360

For airline pilots who have very complex financial and retirement situations, such as multiple sources of income, a side business or rental properties, sizeable taxable investment accounts, which may include individual stocks and bonds, large anticipated current and future tax bills, a unique estate plan, and charitable or gifting goals. 


WealthCare 60

For airline pilots who realize they need a clearer understanding of the actions needed to prepare for a smooth transition to retirement, including how much they can expect to spend in retirement, whether they should modify their investment strategies, how they can manage future taxes, and what Social Security and pension options are most beneficial.

WealthCare 50

For airline pilots who are tenured in their career, yet still a ways out from retirement. The demands of life and limited time now make it harder to manage their finances well. With growing financial complexity and multiple goals, they can see the benefits of starting the planning process, which can include guidance on debt and cash-flow management, college funding, employer and union benefits, 401k advice, and professional investment management.